Debt Recovery

At Burley Geach we understand that healthy cash flow is essential to keep a business running smoothly. Failure to manage the level of debtors can quickly lead to cash flow difficulties and the consequences of this can easily escalate. Pursuing bad debts can become a drain on your time and resources, distracting you from focussing on your business.

How we can help

Our advisers can help you by providing debt recovery services and pursuing debtors on your behalf. From recovering a single debt to dealing with all your debt recovery we aim to recover unpaid debts quickly and cost effectively, but always with a view to protecting the business relationship between clients and their debtors.

Our experts appreciate that you need clarity in terms of your likely costs to ensure that all work undertaken is proportionate. We provide clear and transparent costs advice from the outset and will work with you to put in place a strategy that best meets your objectives.

Help with all stages

We have extensive experience in recovering commercial debts and can advise you in connection with:

  • Pre-legal advice and letters before action
  • The issue of court proceedings
  • Dealing with defended actions
  • Issue and service of statutory demands
  • Winding-up proceedings against companies
  • Bankruptcy proceedings against individuals
  • Enforcement proceedings

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our offices to speak to a specialist adviser to discuss your particular requirements.

Debt Recovery Fee Information