As an employer you have many legal responsibilities which could put you in a difficult position if overlooked. Even when you have policies and systems in place to avoid disputes, grievances are an inevitable part of running a business. We can assist you to not only establish appropriate terms and procedures, but also advise you when you are unable to resolve grievances internally.

Getting things right at the start

To help protect you as an employer, and to set out your position to your employees you need to formalise terms and conditions of employment in the form of an employment contract. These documents enable you to introduce policies and procedures which give both you as employer, and the employee, guidance to ensure compliance with legal and business practice, for example grievance procedures. To ease this load we can advise and assist you with these tasks, ensuring that your terms are set out not only correctly but also in accordance with current employment laws and regulations.

When things go wrong

In the unhappy event that a dispute arises, then we can advise and assist you with a wide range of matters including:-

  • disciplinary and performance issues
  • dismissals and redundancy, including drafting of settlement agreements
  • post-termination restrictive covenants
  • minimum wage and working time restrictions

If it is not possible to achieve a negotiated resolution then we can also assist with representation before a court or employment tribunal.

Please get in touch to discuss how we can assist you with your employment issues by contacting your nearest office.

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