Employment Problems

Employment Problems

You spend a lot of time at work and hopefully in the main everything runs along smoothly. However, if you have an issue which has not been resolved to your satisfaction, despite following any grievance policy your employer has, or if your employer has not followed the correct procedures, you may wish to take advice on your position and seek help to remedy the matter. If such an occasion arises we are able to provide the professional support and assistance you require.

We can advise you in connection with the wide range of issues which can occur in the workplace such as:-

  • Disciplinary and performance related matters
  • Discrimination
  • Dismissals and redundancy
  • Post-termination restrictive covenants
  • Legislation relating to minimum wage and working time

Negotiation or court proceedings

Where it is not possible to resolve a dispute through negotiation we may advise that formal proceedings are necessary and if so we will provide representation before the court or employment tribunal. If this situation arises then we will discuss with you fully the steps and possible outcomes so that you have full details before making any decisions about instigating this course of action.

It may be that you have already reached an agreement with your employer and you require guidance on the detail of a settlement agreement to ensure that you understand the terms and implications of signing such a document.

Keeping you informed

We will naturally keep you fully informed throughout your matter regardless of how it progresses. We will keep you fully updated in respect of your legal costs and fees and, if appropriate, appraise you of possible funding options, such as legal expenses insurance, conditional fee agreementsĀ (“no win, no fee”), third party funding. Although not all methods of funding may be available we will discuss with you the most appropriate options before proceeding. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your particular situation in more detail.

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