Trust Disputes

At Burley Geach we understand how distressing it is when a dispute arises over a trust whether you are defending a claim or considering making one. If you have any concerns about how a trust is operated or if allegations have been made about you as trustee, we can help.

Why disputes arise

Disputes over trusts can arise for many reasons, such as:-

  • Conflicts and disagreements with a co-trustee(s)
  • Misappropriation or mismanagement of trust assets
  • Breach or misunderstanding of a trustee’s duties

Working with you to resolve problems

If you are now considering seeking legal advice to resolve a trust dispute you will no doubt have already explored alternative ways to remedy the position. By talking to our specialist advisers you can be assured that they will take the time they need to establish the full facts of the matter before working with you to achieve resolution as quickly and constructively as possible. Naturally, we will always seek to resolve a dispute as amicably as possible through a process of negotiation, hopefully avoiding any lasting resentment or ill feeling between you and the other party/parties involved. We may advise that you partake in a process of independent mediation, but if this fails then we will support you in taking all necessary steps which in some situations could involve court proceedings.

However the matter proceeds, we will be always be sensitive and considerate of your needs. We will fully explain your options, including details of the likely legal fees and other payments which will be incurred. We will also discuss the options available to you in respect of funding these costs such as agreeing hourly rates, fixed fees and other options. Before proceeding with your matter we will ensure that you understand and are content with the advice and costs involved.

If you feel that you have exhausted private negotiations to resolve your trust dispute and now require professional advice please contact your nearest office today to find out how we can help.