Farms & estates

For farms & estates

At Burley Geach we appreciate that the land you farm is not only the source of your livelihood but often your legacy. We appreciate that this industry faces unique challenges and our experts have a detailed knowledge of the issues of relevance to countryside landowners.

Agricultural property transactions involve complexities that do not apply to other property transactions. We can provide the legal expertise you require with a personalised service right on your doorstep.

Our history and experience

Burley Geach has been looking after the interests of the local farming community through good times and bad for over 100 years and we have well established and trusted relationships with many of our farming neighbours and local land agents.

We regularly act in sales and purchases and advise on the financing of farms. From time to time other opportunities may arise to diversify your income or maximise the use of your land. We can assist you in realising those opportunities whilst protecting your legal interests.

Other considerations

When instructing us in connection with your particular circumstances you should always consider whether there are other areas where specialist advice is appropriate, such as over issues of succession planning, the preparation of wills, tax consequences and employment matters. Where further advice is required our teams work closely together to ensure that all your legal requirements are met.

For more information about the services we provide please contact our Petersfield office.