For businesses

For businesses

At Burley Geach we understand that running a business is not always straightforward and there may be times as your business develops and changes that you require expert legal advice.

A range of help to suit your needs

Burley Geach provides comprehensive legal services for businesses of varying sizes. Whether you want a one off consultation on a specific issue or are looking to build a relationship with a firm to assist you with a range of matters, Burley Geach can help your business. Our solicitors will give you the advice that delivers not only what your business needs right now but also what you need to meet your business goals in the future.

We have expert solicitors who specialise in commercial property, employment, commercial disputes and debt recovery. We appreciate that you need to know at the outset when your legal advice will be delivered and what it will cost. Our experts know that no two businesses are the same and we will take the time to get to know you and your business to ensure that we are meeting all your needs, within your timeframe and budget.

If you believe your business would benefit from our advice and you would like to speak to one of our advisers please call one of our offices and we will gladly assist.