Family & Divorce

Family & Divorce

The end of a relationship or breakdown in family relations can be very challenging and it is only natural for emotions and anxieties to run high. You may well feel a little overwhelmed and obtaining professional advice at an early stage can help you feel informed and more in control of your situation.

How we can help you

At Burley Geach we offer all new clients an initial free consultation with a specialist family solicitor.  These can be conducted face to face or over the telephone.  These meetings will be an opportunity to discuss your situation and we will endeavour to deal with some of your most pressing questions.  At the end of the meeting it is entirely up to you if and how you wish to progress matters any further.

Whatever your family situation at Burley Geach we have a team of family solicitors who will be able to assist. We have years of experience in assisting people in connection with relationship breakdowns, divorce, arrangements for children, financial provision and domestic abuse. You may be a husband, wife, partner, grandparent or relative – we will be able to advise you.

If you are married you may be considering a divorce or dissolution to legally bring your marriage or civil partnership to an end. We can assist you through each stage of the process, from the issue of a petition through to obtaining the decree absolute. When the divorce or dissolution documentation is prepared a particular “fact” must be cited and we will discuss with you whether an unreasonable behaviour, adultery, separation or desertion petition is most appropriate. Most of the time it is unnecessary for any physical attendance at court and the process generally takes three to six months to complete.

Whenever we assist with a divorce we will consider any associated issues such as arrangements for children or the division of finances. You will have a dedicated solicitor who will guide you through each stage of the process, ensuring that you remain in control and feel fully supported.

Finding the right path

All of our family solicitors are members of Resolution and they are committed to a code of practice whereby they must endeavour to resolve family disputes in a constructive and non-inflammatory way. We will listen to you carefully and then discuss all of the options available to you. We can explain the process and merits of mediation, collaborative law, negotiation, arbitration or more formal court proceedings.

If you think you may benefit from speaking to one of our advisers then please do not hesitate to get in contact with your local office.