Rights & Covenants

The larger the area of land you own the more likely it is to be affected by existing rights, covenants and other matters deriving from historical dealings and the more likely that any transaction involving the land will require careful consideration of these issues.

Rights of way, rights of access, rights to graze and a whole host of other rights together with covenants not to do something such as erect a property or change the use of land, are increasingly common issues, particularly in our densely populated region.

The law relating to land in England & Wales is peppered with complexities arising from the manner in which it has evolved over the centuries. The law enables rights to be acquired in a number of different ways and for covenants to be avoided by various means.

How can we help

When it comes to rights and covenants our experts have particular experience in advising in connection with:

  • Transfers of part
  • Assents of whole or part
  • Deeds of Easement
  • Deeds of Covenant
  • Deeds of Release
  • Consideration of existing registered and unregistered titles
  • First registration applications
  • Adverse possession
  • Occupational rights
  • The enforceability of covenants
  • Establishment of rights
  • Protection against future establishment of adverse rights

We are here to assist so please contact our Petersfield office to speak to one of our experts.