Property Finance

At Burley Geach our specialists understand that one of the most important aspects of any property finance arrangement is to ensure that the legal formalities are completed with the maximum amount of efficiency and the minimum amount of fuss.

Commercial lenders

The legal aspects of commercial lenders’ requirements have become increasingly onerous in recent years. It can be complicated and time consuming to ensure that a lender’s requirements are met as they understandably seek to ensure that their interests are fully protected.

We are of the view that the best way to achieve a smooth property finance arrangement is knowledge and understanding of what lenders need from the outset. Our advisers have a wealth of experience which ultimately benefits our clients by enabling solutions to be sought and presented at an early stage thus avoiding any issues that may fetter a lender’s security and ability to lend.

Experienced assistance

Our commercial property solicitors have years of specialist experience in structured property finance for development, investment and agricultural properties and can advise both corporate and individual borrowers.

If you would like to speak to one of our advisors please do not hesitate to contact our commercial property team at our Petersfield office.