Equine & Grazing Agreements

At Burley Geach we have a long standing and trusted relationship with our local farming community and over many years we have developed extensive experience in many areas of the laws affecting agricultural land, farms and estates.

Allowing others to access and utilise your land can be mutually beneficial and a wise way to generate additional income. Many of these arrangements are organised on an informal or causal basis but it is worth considering whether a more formal approach would be more appropriate, not least to ensure that you do not inadvertently give rise to a tenancy which will ultimately affect your control over the land.

When problems arise

When agreements are not properly documented disputes can arise. In an effort to avoid later problems our experts can provide pragmatic advice, based on years of experience of the issues that require consideration and the best way to record the agreed terms. Rights can be conferred by various different methods and our experts will take the time to get to know you and understand your objectives so the most appropriate structure for your agreement is put in place.

Team work

Our specialists have established a close working relationship with local land agents and will happily liaise with them as well as any other third parties who may be able to assist in reaching a final agreement.

We would be very happy to discuss your particular situation so please contact a member of our specialist team at our Petersfield office.