Online Divorce

The lawyers’ publication The Gazette, produced by the Law society reports:

“One of the Government’s New Year announcements has been to claim another success in the move towards making the divorce system in this country an easy online experience for all. Divorce proceedings can now be issued online and since introduced in April 2018 more than 23,000 applications for divorce have been made online including 455 applications between 24 December and 1 January – with 13 submitted on Christmas day itself.

The fledgling system has been introduced by the Ministry of Justice as part of a wider £1bn modernisation programme.”

However if you are considering embarking on a DIY divorce proceed with caution. As any family lawyer who acts as a specialist in this area of law will advise you issuing the divorce petition itself is only the start of the procedure and without seeking legal advice on your rights you may very well overlook claiming what you are fully entitled to. The divorce proceedings themselves , at conclusion, will end the marriage but that’s all it achieves. You still need to ensure you have explored and claimed whatever you may be entitled to financially. In addition if you have any concerns regarding arrangements and financial support for the children it is still best to seek legal advice before proceeding.

If you are considering a divorce or in the middle of the breakdown of a relationship Burley Geach can advise you on your options and the best way forward for your particular case. We are here to help so give a member of our friendly family team a call on 01730 262401 or 01428 656011.