Monthly Archives: June 2017

New ‘Residence Nil Rate Band’

Inheritance Tax and the implications that this can have upon a person’s estate is always a topic for much discussion. April 2017 saw the introduction of the new Inheritance Tax “Residence Nil Rate Band” for residential property that is comprised within a person’s estate. The rules relating to this important new tax relief are complex…. Read more »

Attorneys powers to make gifts

There have been a number of cases where, for whatever reason, Attorneys have not always adhered to their obligations when it comes to considering gifts. An Attorney’s powers to make gifts is limited. If, for example, the Donor of a Power of Attorney is used to making a gift of £100 to their grandchildren on… Read more »

Burley & Geach announces new LLP status, new name and website.

Burley & Geach is pleased to announce that, as part of its wider plan for future development, the firm became a Limited Liability Partnership on 1st July and has changed its name to Burley Geach Solicitors LLP. Updating the business structure of the firm from partnership to LLP has also provided us with an opportunity… Read more »