Don’t miss this opportunity to consider a voluntary first registration

These are difficult times for all of us and we recognise families here in Surrey and Hampshire are currently concerned with the consequences of the COVID-19 virus. However, this may perhaps be an opportune moment to consider whether “everything is in order” with your prime financial asset. Surprisingly there are a significant number of properties that are not registered. It’s definitely worth checking whether this applies in your case as it may cause issues in the future but can be resolved now without leaving your home.

HM Land Registry registers the ownership of land and property in England and Wales. It holds an electronic register of all registered titles, including relevant documents, such as deeds and past conveyances.

Why Use the Land Registry

  • You have absolute proof of ownership.
  • You avoid complications for your successor(s)
  • You have greater protection against claims for ‘Adverse Possession’ – i.e. squatters
  • You have protection against lost deeds
  • You will have a clear plan giving an accurate reflection of the extent of the land.
  • You will have protection against fraud that can occur from copying or withholding title deeds or a person seeking to claim that they own another person’s land.

Basically, Registration creates a record of ownership which clearly sets out who owns the land, where the boundaries lie, what rights of way affect it and whether there are any restrictions affecting it.

Without the protection that registering your land provides you could unwittingly be exposing yourself or your successor to problems. We here at Burley Geach Solicitors think this is an issue that should not be left unaddressed. On your behalf, we can check whether your land is registered and if not, assist you in making a Voluntary First Registration.

If you have a question about land registration, you can get in touch with the Burley Geach Property team.