Examples: Wills & Probate

Deeds of Variation

Acting in various estates requiring a deed of variation of the will.

Partial Intestacy

Acting in connection with a particularly complicated will that included a partial intestate share.

Estate administration and foreign assets

Dealing with a multi-jurisdictional estate involving assets in England, Isle of Man, Jersey and Brazil to include dealing with the accidental revocation of an English will by the Brazilian will.

Foreign Grants of Probate

Dealing with the re-sealing in the probate court of England and Wales of foreign Grants of Probate.

Rectification of a Will

Obtaining an order for rectification of a will where there had been drafting errors that meant the will was not clear and would not have been proved by the court.

Estate Administration

Preparing applications for grants of representation as part of estate administration.

Wills and several properties

Drafting wills, including preparation of complex wills with multiple properties and beneficiaries.

Estate administration and charities

Acting for an executor whereby the entire estate passed to charity beneficiaries. This area of law can be complicated especially where land is concerned. In this particular case it was necessary to comply with the requirements of Section 117 of the Charities Act 2011.

Estate administration

Acting for an executor whereby there were multiple residuary beneficiaries. The estate was divided unequally between charities and relatives of the deceased.

Capital Gains Tax considerations and appropriation

Dealing with an estate where there was a large shareholding which had increased significantly since the date of death. Had the executor sold the shares there would have been a large capital gains tax liability but this was considerably reduced by giving advice in connection with appropriation.