Domestic Violence

Domestic abuse can take many forms, whether it be physical abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse or some other form of controlling behaviour. Whatever the abuse may look like it is not acceptable and no one should have to tolerate such behaviour, particularly when the perpetrator is someone you should be able to trust and turn to for support.

We can help you

At Burley Geach we know that domestic abuse can affect people from all walks of life, regardless of their age, gender or background. Our team of family experts have many years of experience in assisting those suffering from domestic abuse and we will not hesitate to take whatever steps are necessary to obtain the appropriate protection not only for the individual but also for any affected children.

When we meet with a client for the first time we will listen carefully to all their concerns and offer an empathetic ear and pragmatic advice. We know that it can be daunting to speak to a family solicitor and we will never put pressure on a client to take a particular course of action. We will however be clear about the steps that we can take and if appropriate we can put our clients in touch with support services in the local area.

Urgent situations

In some cases it is necessary to take urgent court action and to apply for orders under the Family Law Act. The court can make two types of injunction order; non molestation and occupation orders. A non molestation order protects individuals from further harm of threats of harm. It can also protect the perpetrator from having any contact with the individual or from pestering or harassing the individual. An occupation order refers to property and the court can make an order to suspend a perpetrator’s legal right to return to or to reside at a property.

Our legal team will always prioritise this type of work and in some cases take urgent steps to obtain protection. We deal with matters sensitively yet decisively so if you or someone you know is suffering from any form of domestic abuse please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.