Problems with Title Deeds

Unregistered properties

At Burley Geach we have many years of expertise in dealing with issues you may encounter with your title deeds. For example, if your property is unregistered, you may wish to consider applying for a first registration at the Land Registry. This is generally advisable because once the registration is completed, your title is guaranteed and it will avoid complications and possibly delays when you come to sell your property. It also means that if the title deeds and documents are destroyed or lost, there is a legal and central record of your ownership which is easily accessible.

Defective titles

Our property team have much experience in correcting defective titles which may be a result of inaccurate deeds and plans. This is not always an easy task as evidence needs to be gathered to support an application to the Land Registry but if you are aware of a material inaccuracy it is something that should be corrected and properly reflected on the property title.

One common problem that we encounter is the removal of a restriction on a title which was attached during a period of co-ownership and is now no longer required or relevant. This often occurs following the death of a co-owner and if left unaddressed can cause problems upon the sale of the property.

Lease extensions

On a regular basis we deal with lease extensions, either representing the landlord or the tenant. The procedure can be technical and requires specialist knowledge of this area of law and it is of course very important to ensure that the title deeds are updated and the new lease or lease extension is registered correctly.

If you think you may have an issue with the title to your property we would be happy to discuss the matter with you, please contact your local office for more information.