2020: A difficult and challenging year but with heart warming acts of kindness and inspiration

Yes, the pandemic has brought disruption, heartache and tough times but has also shown us how important family, friends and community are. .  The support of businesses for local communities at this time is vital to their continued success, and often it is the smallest gesture that can have the biggest impact.

As an example, we have for several years welcomed Dianne Bennett from Bliss – a charity for babies born premature or sick – to make use of our photocopier to print knitting patterns and newsletters for a large group of knitters who do not have access to email.   Unfortunately, this has been difficult this year, but a few extra precautions made this possible once again just recently.

We tell you this little story not for a pat on the back (that most definitely goes to Dianne) but to illustrate what can be achieved by such a small act – that small gesture helped a worthwhile charity and 170 of their volunteers and friends. This is what Dianne had to say:-

“I did letters for 130 Knitters plus 40 Friends who don’t have email and the whole lot took me just over 70 mins.  While things were churning away I was busy stapling and envelope stuffing, and I posted quite a few afterwards across the road.  Today I’ve already had several telephone calls saying how much readers enjoyed the Newsletter.  My heartfelt thanks once again for enabling me to communicate with these ladies.”

There are so many small acts of kindness that don’t cost a lot of money or a lot of time, and 2020 has demonstrated just how imaginative people can be. Do you value our towns and communities and want to keep them thrive? Do you have skills or a little bit of time that could help someone? It doesn’t need to be a long term commitment, every good turn will help in more ways than you realise.

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